California Lemon Law Lawyers

Understanding the complex Lemon Laws in California can be daunting. If your car is a lemon and you have tried repeatedly to get it repaired without success, contact a qualified lemon law attorney today. Manufacturers have a legal obligation to honor their warranties. When it comes to automobiles, the complex nature of the inner workings would make anyone want a specific, detailed and fair warranty. However, even if the warranty is set, often times the manufacturer has to be forced to do the right thing.

Lemon Lawyers Know the Laws

One of the main reasons to hire a professional lemon law attorney is the fact that they understand the laws and how to navigate the legal system. Manufacturers are big and have a lot of money, so they have lawyers that represent their own interests. No matter what is right or wrong, a consumer is often left to fight for what they should have coming to them. A qualified attorney can mean the difference of being compensated or not. While there are no guarantees, a legal team can increase yours odds for success.

California Lemon Laws

The Beverly Song Act outlines the specifics, hence why it is referred to simply as the California Lemon Law. California Civil Code Title 1.7 Consumer Warranties outlines specifically what manufacturers are required to do when selling consumer goods to residents of California. It covers all consumer goods but can be applied to vehicle purchases and leases as well.

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